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About Rachel

American musician Rachel Tedder studied singing and linguistics in the USA and now lives in Bielefeld, Germany. In the USA, she began teaching voice and directing choirs directly after her studies. She moved to Germany a few years ago and chose Bielefeld in NRW as her adopted home. In Germany, her training as a musical singer has brought her engagements in musicals and musical theater gala shows. In addition to performing on stage as a musical singer, she is also active backstage. Rachel is the founder and musical director and sings mezzo/alto in the ensemble operAcappella. However, Rachel still enjoys teaching and working with groups, so in summer 2020 she became the choir director of the gospel choir inTONation in Rahden. In addition to her work as a choir director, she teaches private voice lessons in Rahden and Gütersloh. 

Lieder gegen den Rechten Aufmarsch
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