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Discover your voice!

You love to sing, but someone once told you that your voice is ugly, and now you're afraid to try. 

Or you know you can sing, but you struggle with range or stamina. 

Maybe you just want to sing better in your community choir. Or maybe you hope to pursue a career on the stage. 

I would love to help. 

I've been teaching individual voice lessons for over ten years, and I'm also an active performer in musical theater, opera, and pop. No matter your current level, I can help you strengthen your voice, develop your range, and discover your own unique sound. I'm now offering lessons on Wednesdays in Rahden. 

Book a trial lesson now. Let's find your voice together! 


  • 3-lesson trial package: 150 €  

    • 50 € for each 45-minute lesson

    • Pay at once or over 2 months (75 €/mo) 

  • 10-lesson package: 450 €

    • 45 € per 45-minute lesson

    • 75 € per month for 6 months

  • 17-lesson package: 816 €

    • 48 € per 45-minute lesson

    • 136 € per month for 6 months

On Stage
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